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WLAN Infrastructure Hardware


Applications :
Hotspot, smaller wireless networks

Features :
6 PoE+ ports, 802.11n-capable cluster-aware, integrated firewall, hotspot management


Applications :
Medium-sized companies

Features :
8 internal Ethernet ports, cluster and 802.11n capable


Applications :
Warehousing, trucking companies, hospitals, trade

Features :
802.11n WiMAX, RFID and Wi-Fi support


Applications :
Controller / Switch based wireless LAN

Features :
WLAN 802.11a/b/g/n


Applications :
fail-safe nets-performance Wi-Fi

Besonderheiten :
802.11 a / b / g / n, Integrated Router, gateway, firewall, DHCP and AAA Radius Server, IPSec VPN, Hotspot Gateway, Power-over-Ethernet (PoE)


Applications :
wireless outdoor Networks of enterprises, government agencies and public safety facilities

Features :
The AP 7181, together with the indoor access point AP 7131 a seamless indoor / outdoor mesh network solution.

AirDefence Infrastructure Management
The AirDefense Infrastructure Management solution enables centralized management for wireless companies – management of the WLAN infrastructure from multiple vendors with different architectures, generations and versions from a single console. The user interface of this vendor-and device-independent solution ensures the uniform configuration and compliance with security policies. In addition, network administrators require less product-and model-specific knowledge. Instead of having several system manage administrators a centralized management console from which they update device configurations and firmware, monitor device status, detect errors, examine problems of device configurations and automatically fix, record network statistics and compliance reports can be generated.
RTLS Localization

Ekahau Vision

Web application for fast localization of human and material in conjunction with Ekahau devices.

Ekahau Patient Safety

T301W Wearable day for locating people in hospitals and care facilities with the possibility for triggering the alarm (Help button)

Ekahau Staff Safety

Wi-Fi pager Badge for locating and notifying staff in larger facilities, such as Hospitals, research institutes, etc.

Asset Tracking

T301A asset tag for localization of objects and devices, such as mobile medical devices or patient beds.

Ekahau Temperature Monitoring

T301Tag for monitoring the refrigerating and cooling devices, for example, in hospitals or Research institutions.
Site Survey :
A radio propagation measurement is essential for a well-functioning WLAN in
industrial and logistics environment . As part of site surveys ( Radio propagation measurement) the installation is analyzed and measured by a trained technician in network design . The exact number and the optimal installation Locations of the antenna stations are identified in order to ensure the required coverage. The result of a Site Survey is a detailed list of technical data and Charts that are for the installation of network and power cables of importance . The radio propagation measurement takes into account all design requirements in terms of performance , the number of mobile clients and environmental conditions of the installation site.

This step by step, the size and quality is determined and optimized every single radio cell. The area is defined to be supplied together with you and measured by specific radio – measuring devices and special measurement software. This ensures optimal wireless coverage without dead spots and dead spots.

As a result, the radio propagation measurement provides a detailed documentation , the site survey report. In addition to this installation guide is a precise indication of the required components.

Please contact Acteos all necessary hardware components , as well as the start-up , care and maintenance of your wireless network .

Those interested in radio propagation measurements , please contact our sales department , Tel : +49 8105 3851 0 or e- mail: sales@acteos.de

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