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Acteos Field Service Management – FSM

Acteos Logonsmart is an innovative field service management software for different industries , provides the answers to the key questions in the service area – outdoor service control lean , smart, and online!

Your customers expect high class and fast service ?

You must always react flexibly to different requirements in the service process?

You want a hardware-independent software solution for use on any mobile device ?

In addition, a simple and fast order planning is essential for you ?

With Acteos Logonsmart control and plan dispatchers the stakes of the field service as efficiently and economically than ever before . From order acceptance until full evaluation they can keep track of and able to respond flexibly to unexpected situations . Field technicians receive all the necessary information via mobile phone to their smartphone or your tablet PC. So they can well prepared and execute the order without time-consuming queries and create a report from predefined building blocks and send it to the headquarters. Often the invoice can be already detected before the technician is in the house again .

Field Service Management Software in detail :

Software benefits
Benefits for technicians :
– Current and historical customer information available locally
– Real-time access to critical customer and device data
– Paperless , digital work
– Modern user interface on mobile devices ( hardware independent )
– Online / offline capability ( also work without constant Internetverindung )
– Hardware – and operating system- independent web app on mobile devices

Benefits for dispatchers :
– Convenient scheduling with interfaces to any ERP systems
– Simplification and acceleration of all planning processes
– Timely availability of existing customer information
– Electronic evaluations at your fingertips

Benefits for companies :
– Improved performance in managing up to 60 %
– Fewer customer complaints through electronic signature of the customer
– Increased customer loyalty through better service experience
– Competitive advantage through faster use of existing information
– Direct Billing
– Easy setup and simple operation
– Fast Return on Investment
– Optional software to Rent (SaaS )

Software functions
Dispaching module for the order planning :
– Support of call center employees in the planning of field service operations
– Consideration of availability and professional qualifications of the service technician
– Visalisierung of the location / installation location of Techiker by digital map
– Graphical support tour
– Convenient search functions ( for all information about the customer)
– Transmission of historical order or customer information to the technician
– The job status in real time ( for example, ” on the way to the customer ” )
– Automatic data updating are updated overview of operations / Dates

Mobile client for the service technician :
– Provide any relevant data to the mobile device of the service technician
– Transmission of the customer or the fault history
– Easy creation of the service report from predefined building blocks
– Delivery of Service report ( by fax / e -mail) to the customer / operations center

Acteos Logonsmart can be used in small and medium enterprises with weingen technicians as well as in global corporations. The software can be easily adapted to the various needs of individual companies and industries.

Example industries:

Medical technology / engineering / automotive industry / utilities / food technology / security services / furniture delivery / Telecommunications / readout / measuring services


The Logonsmart technology is hardware-and operating system-independent. You require only a computer with Internet connection and a mobile device (smartphone, tablet PC, etc.) with an HTML5-capable browser.

– Simple interfaces for easy integration into existing system environments

– Simple, intuitive user interface

– Clear dashboards (for decision makers and management)

– Wireless communication via Wifi, GPRS, UMTS, HSDPA

– XML definition for surface configuration

– Multi-platform support for Android, iOS, Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows Mobile, Windows Phone 7

– Component-based system architecture

– Suitable for hosting and SaaS implementation (“Software for Rent”)

– Bi-directional dynamic interfaces to ERP and CRM systems

-. NET 4.5 Framework

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